Fortitudine et Prudentia

Newt Against The Machine

In News and Opinion on May 21, 2011 at 6:05 pm

When Newt Gingrich referred to Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan as “right-wing engineering” I think all the political junkies in America simultaneously spit out their proverbial peanut butter cookies.  Then when the onslaught of the Conservative Machine began manifesting itself on talk radio, in op-ed pieces and all the way down to curt handshakes in Iowa Gingrich couldn’t spit out 1,000 mea copes fast enough.  He was apologising to everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Paul Ryan when that was the last thing he should have been doing.  Someone forgot to tell The Former Speaker in politics when you’re put on the defensive it’s time to go on the offensive. 

So the question to Newt is, would you rather look like the smartest guy in the room or an apologist? 

If Gingrich wishes to look like an apologist then by all means continue the apology tour circa Obama 2009.  But if he wants to win the nomination now is the time to go against the machine.  Ryan’s Medicare plan is hugely unpopular among Americans, 65% flat-out oppose it and they want to hear smart alternatives from smart people.  The American people haven’t had their ears tuned so finely since The Great Depression and that’s exactly what Gingrich needs, an attentive audience ready to get down to the fine points.  For a man with Big Ideas he should be using this media focus to explain his alternative ideas not apologise and fall in line.  The voters see the Republican field as bunch of identical Pols in lock step with Ryan’s plan and they’re not very excited about it.  Newt can be the alternative, the candidate of ideas.  

If polling has any merit it tells us there is a silent majority in America that Medicare matters to a lot, and they may have been glad to hear there is an alternative to Obama’s Big Government and Ryan’s RoadMap to Ruin.  Now if only Gingrich would stop apologising and explain to us what that alternative might be he may be rewarded with a Presidential Nomination.


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